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Michelle, a global speaker and transformative mentor, is dedicated to inspiring and empowering businesses to develop positive cultures. Having experienced the contrary, she envisions environments where individuals are inspired to unleash their inner superpowers and be all they are capable, and desire, to be. Michelle firmly believes that everyone possesses unique, untapped potential just waiting to be awakened, and it is within our power to make it a reality.


The core focus of Michelle Claire Smith Ltd encompasses three key areas:


  • Culture - Exploring the importance of culture, its impact on success, and strategies for fostering a positive environment that encourages and contributes to individuals, financial and reputational achievements.

  • Leadership - Examining the fundamental qualities of effective leaders and their influence on business culture and individual success.

  • Personal Growth/People - Addressing personal development by promoting self-awareness, understanding motivations, effective communication, recognising achievements, enhancing self-worth, and pursuing one's purpose.


Feel free to explore our website, and if you cannot find what you are looking for, simply click the 'Request a Callback' button to discuss your specific needs. We operate with intentionality and integrity, and if we are not the best fit to assist you, we will be transparent about it and guide you towards the support you seek.

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Mrs Evans, Birmingham, UK

"Michelle is an international speaker and mentor who has helped me gain valuable insight and guidance to become more profitable. She has changed my mindset, teaching me how to think differently and approach challenges from a new perspective. Her ability to motivate and provide valuable advice has been invaluable to my success. I highly recommend her services as a speaker and mentor to anyone looking to improve their mindset and business."
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